Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dear Sister. Sounds like you need a new TV?

Well, according to my last post it seems that I do. Isn't the world complicated. In the early days of TV the only availability was the trusty old black & white tube. Today presents a maze of options and confusion. Plasma or LCD? HD or SD? Digital or not? Flat screen or big bottomed? How huge should it be? And what on earth is a digital set-top box?

So, plasma or LCD? According to this review plasma may be the way to go.

HD or SD? This post at the Panasonic site suggests HD is the way to go (Note: Sister does not endorse any products except those by His Holiness the Pope Inc).

Digital television? According to this post digital might be good for the Sister. Seems this way that she won't need one of those set-top box thingies.

What size? While Sister is partial to the occasional big one, something that fits what she's got should be considered. Measuring up and leaving some room around the screen, it seems a 66cm is the one for this sister.

Oh, and a flat screen goes without saying.

Wish me luck!

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