Friday, June 13, 2008

Dear Sister, what is a "power flirt"?

Hmm, an interesting conundrum this one. The Holy Bible, Wikipedia, doesn't have a listing for that specifically, but does this mean the term does not exist??
Sister doesn't think she can do any more ogling the google, wander the wiki or delve into the ning. Mite be one of those riddles wrapped in mystery, just like a chiko roll, umm in other words maybe not...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dear Sister, when is enough enough (or do you ning?)?

Well, dear readers. I am a nun but I do ning and i have known the odd book that gets shoved in the face, pity it's not the Holy Bible...

Seems with the proliferation of so many holy (and unholy!) sites, that are of this so-called "social networking" a nun has to rationalise:
* facebook for the holy family?
* ning for the numbers who want to interact?
* blog for those who prefer to lurk and not make themsleves known to the Holy Spirit?
* MySpace to the devil?

I shall retire to the priory to ponder these matters further...