Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dear Sister, who is the world's best songwriter?

Well, that's a tough one. That bloke who wrote the Psalms was pretty good as was someone called Isaac, and most things contained in St Basil's Hymnal (serving us since the 1800's!). Of course Sister Janet Mead is a personal hero of mine, and even Helen Reddy (think the first Airport movie...).

Lennon and McCartney, Frank Zappa are right up there, but for sheer honesty, Australian-ness, grit, suburbia, beaches, footy and the human condition, coupled with the great cities of Sydney and Melbourne you cannot go past Paul Kelly. To quote from his website: "From very early on in his career, Paul Kelly has been recognised as one of the most significant singer/songwriters in the country. Inspired initially by the likes of Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Lou Reed and Ray Davies, Kelly's narrative song writing is infused with wry observations, bittersweet emotions and enormous appeal." As well as his website, Paul has his own MySpace page.

Sister Concepta, with Brother Paulus, was most honoured to be treated to a kichen concert by the great man himself through a local radio station. In an inspired moment of madness, Sister Concepta composed some lyrics in the style of Paul Kelly that also contained the words "Pasha Bulker", the name of the stranded oil ship off Nobby's Beach in Newcastle, now successfully refloated. The Pasha Bulker was the subject of many beautiful images and movies such as this and more.

Here's Brother Paulus posing in front of the great man's dressing room.

Try and spot Sister Concepta at this landmark event.

If you're lucky, she may even post her lyrics...


Anonymous said...

Sister, my personal favourite has to be Zappa. No-one knows the value of vegetables quite like he does. He should be the saint of all vegans!
When you've finished your daily prayers, perhaps you could post your inspired lyrics. We travelling sisters need some guidance on our travels.
Sister Monica

Anonymous said...

Sister, it was a joy and a delight to spot you enjoying the sanctity of the Kitchen Jam. I seem to remember reciting a psalm about the Pasha Bulker during my long-ago schooldays - at least, it sounded something like Pasha Bulker....
Brother Jezzer

Father O'Flaherty said...

Sister Concepta, we are all feeling the need for some Paul Kelly-like inspiration.

Sister Concepta said...

Obviously my adoring public needs me:

That oil slick defined our love
You and I, we will not falter
Holding hands, grimy sands
In the shadow of the Pasha Bulker...

Brother Paulus said...

Well top o' t'mornin' to ye. Brother Paulus here (hic). I tink dut Paul Kelly was joost d'ting for a cold, cold morn in t'city. A foine, foine (hic) ting.
Bit of a wee laddie come t'tink of it wen ye see him oop close 'n all dut...u'm t'inkin' (hic) t'boy needs more taters.
Ah Oy've said ot b'fore 'n oy'll say it (hic) again, th' boy was a foine, foine ting. (hic)

Father O'Flaherty said...

Thanks Brother Paulus. I'm off to check the altar wine ... again.

Anonymous said...

Sister Concepta
I'm moved to tears! Who couldn't be touched by your rendition of illicit love. Back in our noviate days, I was told that the bike shed provided cover for such clandestine activites. Your words give us all hope - there will always be large structures to protect love
Sister Monica